Sobre mim

André Farinha


I was born in the capital, but it is in the heart of Portugal, Vila de Rei, where I live today. Surrounded by nature, tranquility and away from city stress, where the stars shine with more intensity, where I agree with the chirping of the birds and fall asleep with the stridulation of the crickets.
Here I dream awake every day, with the most beautiful places of our blue giant; this is the epicenter of my adventures.

I have a thirst for adventure and a special taste for adrenaline. Maybe the fruits of this "mixture" took me at eighteen years of age on my first adventure alone. That's how I headed to the Azorean archipelago to work as a meteorologist, and allied to this profession, I discovered what would become my ultimate passion, photography. This passion grew in a lot for the superb landscape that surrounded me, in one of the places that today I consider to be one of the most fantastic around our planet Earth. Throughout this process, I became a more conscious and responsible person regarding the environment and its problems. I have traveled almost all the islands of the Archipelago, always learning from the best in the area, reading a lot, but practicing even more. I dedicated myself day and night with the objective of becoming a photographic reference in this environment.

After six years of discoveries and learning, for professional reasons, I was forced to abandon that lost jewel in the Atlantic and head to Sintra. The surrounding nature is once again breathtaking, I feel privileged to be embraced daily by the mother of us all.
As time went by, I realized that my goals would soon drive me away from meteorology. I felt that my life needed excitement, challenges and risks, I really wanted to compete in the unavoidable and vast world that is photography, and above all feel happy. The goal I had brought back from the Azores seemed to be further away than I wanted, so I found myself forced to move away from the meteorological business and in 2017 I dedicated myself exclusively and solely to this passion. 

In October of that same year, I decided to go on my most ambitious adventure: I took my Renault Kangoo van and transformed it into a MiniCamper. Ready to take me around the world and photograph it as it deserves. The plan was riding. The adrenaline and the adventure in full bloom, the camera in one hand, the steering wheel in the other, the pedals on the feet and the bed "in the back". "In the back" also was everything that kept me comfortable. Family, friends, my country and the only emergency number I knew, 112. 

It was inevitable not to fear that something would go wrong every mile in the opposite direction of home, it was like this for almost a month until... I arrived in Scandinavia.

In that region for some reason all fears and worries disappeared, I felt in harmony with the world, with the trip, with the culture of each country and finally from there on I started to really enjoy the pleasure of traveling and photographing simultaneously.

After 10 months on the road, traveling through more than 20 countries, sleeping inside the MiniCamper with temperatures of -27ºC, living days without seeing the sunlight, having been at the northernmost point of the European continent, having had the alacrity to contemplate the Auroras Borealis and above all, having had the opportunity to work to develop myself as a photographer...the time came to return to Portugal in July 2018. 

On my return, looking "back there", I brought the baggage full of moments, accomplishments and desires to transmit what I experienced and grew up. Since then I have been designing itineraries through the most fantastic countries I have passed through. In the future I want to apply these itineraries in PhotoTours led by me, leading all people to live a unique experience around what makes our hearts beat. 

Until then, I will continue with my mind focused on my biggest and most ambitious personal goal, that of becoming a photographic reference. No matter what it takes, wherever it hurts, no one will tell me otherwise and change my mind. If the walk is hard, it's because I'm on the right path.

Hi, I'm André Farinha, I'm 27 years old and I'm an eternal lover of nature and photography.